Occupational services is the study of the work environment in relation to the human body.

Our experience allows us to offer a comprehensive service to both employee and employer. Helping to analyse current and future problems with work related absence. We currently work with a number of large employers in the area and are consistently successful in preventing and reducing incidence of work related absence, thus reducing costs to the employer and pain for the employee.


We can help you to adjust your workstation to suit you and to reduce your symptoms. When combined with treatment, a quick recovery can be obtained. This can be done at our clinic with our workstation training area. click image above for a simple diagram that you can copy to your desktop.

We could also provide assessment of your car setup to make sure you are sitting correctly when driving.


We will visit your place of work to see you in situ and advice you on your work practice changes to help alleviate your pain and prevent future onset of problems. We also have access to a physiotherapy with additional ergonomc training anc can arrage a full on site assessment. This will include a written report and recommendations.


This is a good way to communicate good practice to greater numbers and with the open forum for questions and answers many problems can be dealt with and a problem solving mindset developed. This can be arranged for an on-site or Exeter Physio location. Call to discuss your needs.


If you have awkward or repetitive work tasks our input will allow you to minimise risk and maximise output. We can help you problem solve your work place difficulties. Call to discuss your needs.